Cabas piano owners; could you post pictures wearing this baby

  1. I've looked around but there aren't many pictures of people wearing the cabas piano. And Angelina Jolie may not give me a gair view ;)
  2. I alreay checked it but there aren't many pictures
  3. [​IMG]

    No many there ...
  4. thank you. I saw that one before but no other while many people have this bag
  5. Bag Fetish ur sooooooooooo beauiful :shocked: u remind me of my 1/2 elder sister :biggrin:
  6. ^^ tis not me, that is Luccibag
  7. I got this bag for Christmas and love it!!!
    (not the greatest picture)
  8. It really really looks good on you! and i'm not saying that very often
  9. Thanks thats so sweet! If you want to see any more pics from a different view, let me know, I can take some. I think the Piano is the perfect size for me, not too little and not too big:yahoo:
  10. Bag Fetish :shame: im sorrrrrry ..
  11. oooo! the cabas piano is TDF! but the vachetta is scary!

  12. Are you talking about the vachetta in the last photo, it could just be the lighting or something
  13. Actually the vachetta is just turning a honey color on mine and its almost totally clean. I'm pretty careful with where I sit my purses so I haven't worried about the vachetta that much.

  14. yea, so it must just be the lighting----bgcutiepie00 - :heart: your purse, can't wait for my Batignolles Horizontal's straps to darken too....