Cabas Piano Owners and Experts...

  1. I have ordered the Cabas Piano today. I have wanted this bag when it came out years ago and never purchased it because I was not sure. What do you think about this bag is it user friendly. I carry a lot of things will it hold alot any recommendations?
  2. I did own it, I have since sold it. I found it very user friendly, I could get in and out of the bag without ever taking it off my shoulder, just putting one strap down. I carried in it a wallet, agenda, sm. make-up case, sunglass case, and ciggs. I loved it! Congrats on yours!!!
  3. This is my winter bag, I love it!!
    I also carry it when i'm going to be doing a lot of walking, because its over the shoulder and less stress. I find it holds a ton, no issues there.
    I carry a makeup case, wallet, cell, sunglasses, agenda, note pad, b/f's wallet and cell, keys, and can still put in more. Also can toss a light sweater over the bag and it still will go over my shoulder with no issues.

  4. I *had* this bag, sold it after a while, and it's the one I did regret!! It was a perfect size, had a cell phone pocket, zipped, and had shoulder straps but could also be hand carried. I just bought the saleya bag in damier to replace it (I'm tired of mono) but it really is a useful bag...enjoy it!!
  5. Janice - I have the Piano (finally decided to keep it after weeks of debate) and found that it's a good every day purse and can fit all of your essentials. I put my wallet, make up case, ipod nano and sunglasses in there. Sometimes I also carry a book but found that the shape gets distorted when I put too much in there. If you want to carry "a lot" of stuff, I would pick the Mezzo. I am planning on getting that bag next - I don't care if my sister thinks I'm crazy for getting basically the exact same bag in 2 different sizes! (Am I crazy???)
  6. I love my Cabas piano. I haven't been carrying any of my other bags since I got the Cabas a few weeks ago. I don't carry that much stuff, so I find the purse big enough for me. So yes, I do think it's user friendly :amuse:
  7. Hi! I had one for about 3 years and sold it to a better home because it wasn't getting used.

    What I loved:
    Handy pocket and cell holder
    Comfortable to carry
    Holds a ton

    What bugged me after awhile:
    Keeping that darn leather bottom and sides clean!
    The handles got almost too soft and worn and the bag just looked really shopworn after just a short period of time
    Never went on trips with me because of the rain/vachetta leather issue
  8. Nah, you're not crazy. You just know you like the style but sometimes wish it had a little bit more room. If I can justify my buying the exact same pair of shoes in 4 different colors, this is no problem :amuse:

    Anyway, I was considering the Piano for school a couple years ago but realized it was much too small for my books so I went with the Mezzo.
  9. I have one and I love it! I've been using it constantly for the last two weeks :smile: I find it very roomy, and easy to carry. I bought a used one with patina, so I didn't have to worry about the vachetta. I love it! :heart:
  10. Thanks Lvbabydoll! :biggrin: I am excited about my (future) Mezzo! And I still love my Piano as well. :smile:

    PS. I also buy the same pair of shoes, shirt, pants, etc. in multiple colors. I can't help it - when you find something that works, why not?? :lol:
  11. I think that is a great idea getting the mezzo. I said if I liked the piano. The mezzo was going to be my next purchase for traveling. So you are not crazy mezzo looks like a great tote bag;)
  12. I traded my (2005) deauville for a (2005) cabas piano plus some cash - I am SO GLAD I did it. It's the perfect everyday bag for when I'm going shopping and need free hands. My favorite LV bag of all time is the speedy, but sometimes it is just such a PAIN to shop with because your arm gets so tired, etc - the cabas is a great shopping bag, and I also occasionally use it for school because it can hold alot and is comfy on my shoulder :smile:
  13. Thanks everyone! I ordered the cabas piano. You all have been a big help with my decision! :P