Cabas Piano.. or Vavin GM

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  1. Hi guys.. you know I've been lusting over the Cabas Piano... saw pics of the Vavin GM... it's growing on me now!
    I'd like to hear some of yr thoughts. Which one??? :wacko:
    The Vavin seems a lil bigger than the Piano right?
    Bag will be for everyday use... I just wanted a shoulder bag..
    Thanks yall!
  2. Tough. I prefer the Cabas because I think the Vavin is a little too structured for such a big bag.
  3. I prefer the cabas since it has a zipper, the Vavin is kind of like a giant gaping void !!
  4. I like the Vavin GM much better. Although it's a true open tote, I love the size and shape and you don't have to worry about sitting it down like you will if you get the Piano. Plus, you don't see as many of them around as you do the Piano. Just my thoughts.....
  5. Can anybody share pics of themselves carrying a Vavin GM? I can't say I've seen one in real life so not sure how it would look..
    "Giant gaping void"-- heeheh that's scaring me.. somehow i'm picturing looking down at the bag and falling into a big LV tunnel!! lol
  6. Cabas definatley. The Vavin is too structured. I think the Cabas is more of a classic too.
  7. i like the cabas better than the vavin gm, but i do like the smaller vavin
  8. I had the Vavin for about an hour before exchanging it for a Cabas Piano. The Vavin was so cute, but felt too heavy on my shoulder.
  9. I'm going to say: Cabas Piano :smile:
  10. i like the cabas also.
  11. Since the Vavin GM is structured at 4 inches wide.. I wonder if it's uncomfortable to wear over the shoulder?? Cos on the Piano.. it's narrow on the top so it just slides under 'em 'pits!
    Aaargh.. auction ending soon.. LV store closed.. can't try it out!!!
  12. i like the zipper on the cabas but the VaVin is nice to i like how it is structured.
  13. I prefer cabas piano.......
  14. Cabas is cuter to me.
  15. cabas