Cabas Piano or Speedy 25?

  1. Can't decide if I should keep my Cabas Piano or if I should sell it for a monogram Speedy 25 on ebay...I'd love to have both, but it's just not an option for me right now! that's the great thing about LV, you can always resell your bags at a decent price!

    hmmm decisions, decisions... what do you guys think?
  2. Eeek. I'd keep the Cabas Piano. I'm more of a fan of shoulder bags. ;)
  3. I would keep the Cabas Piano. I prefer shoulder bags as well.
  4. Keep the cabas and buy the speedy later after you have saved the money. You need both!
  5. i prefer the look of the speedy...
  6. Cabas!
  7. Hmm...I say depends on what you need more - a shoulder bag or a hand bag?

    Also, there are always speedy 25's on ebay...maybe down the road you can pick one up?
  8. keep the cabas, it's ADORABLE!
  9. I'm having the same dilemma winnie365. I am looking to get my first ever LV and I want the perfect bag. I just can't decide between the Speedy 25 or the Cabas Piano.

    I normally carry smaller handbags (speedy 25 size) but I have been looking for the perfect shoulder bag, something that's a bit bigger than I would normally use.... that's where the Cabas Piano comes in. I just can't decide whether I want my first LV (big spend) bag to be something I would be use to carrying around, or something I've been interested in getting and is bigger.
  10. Ultimately, you probably will want both! I have both and LOVE them. Keep the Cabas -- it is perfect! And the speedy will always be available.
  11. I couldn't agree more...they are both so different and that's the appeal!
  12. I say keep the Cabas, and save up for the speedy, too. :yes:Then you'll have both a shoulder and a hand bag!:P
  13. I don't like the cabas as well - I see SO MANY fakes around my town of that bag, much more than the speedy. On any given night at the mall, I might see 10 to 15 fake cabas pianos. While I see a fake speedy here or there, it's not as often and you can tell the real ones right away. I keep seeing these HORRIBLE cabas piano fakes - all over - just makes me cringe. The real ones I see tend to not look so good - the end tabs and bottoms invariably seem to have water spots or are really dark in places. While so many people say it's on the bottom and you don't notice it, I do - because when most people (especially if they are over 5'2") have it on their shoulders, you can still see the bottom. I can count on one hand the cabas pianos I have seen that are real and actually still look nice.
  14. thanx for all of the feedback! I think I am going to keep my Cabas Piano afterall...i actually don't see many fakes of the piano around here (Toronto), more of the speedys - i guess it's a regional thing? (*ugh* fakes make me cringe!!!)
    but i am going to start saving for a speedy! now my next dilemma will be if i should buy it in a mono, damier, or an epi! :smile:
  15. I'd definitely keep the cabas and wait on the speedy. The cabas is a great shoulder bag - and if you get a speedy I guarantee you'll down the line want to re-purchase a cabas piano. I have a cabas piano for light days/shopping days and a speedy 30 for heavier and/or more trendy days (the over-sized bag look goes good with the 80's look goin right now ;)).