Cabas Piano - Odd Shoulder Strap

  1. My new bag has been used for about 2 weeks now. Looks like one of the shoulder straps is rippling.

    Each strap is 2 vachetta strips sewn together. It's happening on the strip that rests closest to my shoulder. I've attached a close up. Strange.

    IS THE RIPPLE NORMAL? Or am I being paranoid?

    The other strap (the purse has 2 straps) is fine.

    9593.JPG 9595.JPG
  2. I would definitely take it back to LV to have it checked. It's normal if you've been using the bag for a really long time, but after 2 weeks the strap shouldn't be rippling just yet.
  3. It's normal and it's bound to happen sometime. My Batignolles has the same ripples and lots of ladies' BH here has the same ripples...especially on the underside. Mine's on the top.
  4. Its normal....some straps takes longer and others do it quicker but...its normal totally......
  5. One of the straps on my Cabas Piano has rippling too.
  6. It's normal. Both of my straps have ripples.
  7. don't worry, i think it's normal :smile:
  8. It's happening on my bags, too. sometimes it's just one strap, the one that's always closest to my shoulder. We should try carrying the bag on the other side to even them out! Don't worry, as long as there's no tearing of the vachetta, I think it will be just fine!
  9. This is normal! Do not be alarmed. Enjoy your bag.
  10. Definitely normal due to the shape of the strap, it's pretty much unavoidable.
  11. It will be just fine.
  12. It's really normal. I have the Neverfull MM and my straps are rippling around the shoulder area after 2 weeks of use. I would just ignore it and enjoy carrying the bag!
  13. Wow, I just had to check my CP! I too have a little rippling on the underside of one but not the other. It's just part of the vachetta breaking in process...I would just enjoy her and not sweat it!
  14. I bought mine 8 months ago and its the same so don't worry its fine. I'm starting to realize that just because its LV doesnt mean the bag is invincible. ;)
  15. Is this not cause from rubbing on the shoulder ?