cabas piano, musette long stap, vavin or babylone

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  1. HELP!! I dont know which to choose for christmas... which do you think is the best purse for everyday use?? Thanks
  2. They're all great bags but I really think it depends on how they fit you, they're all quite different. I know the Cabas Piano is quite popular and looks good on everyone though.....the only problem with that one is the full vachetta bottom that stains easily.....
  3. i like the cabas piano best out of all those choices, despite the vachette bottom. how about the popincourt haut?
  4. Cabas Piano or perhaps the Batignolles Horizontal?
  5. out of the four, i'd choose the cabas piano. babylone is second. the reason i like the cabas piano/mezzo more than the babylone is because the babylone shoulder straps are really long... a little too long for me.