Cabas Piano in Epi, is it possible?

  1. There's been a little bit of talk about people getting it in Damier which would be awesome. But, I wonder if anyone knows if it's possible to SO a Piano in Epi?
  2. I think I saw an epi piano up for sale on ebay one time a loong time ago. But you should go ask you can SO that, it would be gorgeous.
  3. It's worth asking about. That would be beautiful! :heart:
  4. I know they SO it in the Luco tote (as seen here on ebay, it was orginally owned by a forumer) It cost over $2K though.
    Speical Orer Epi Luco Tote.jpg
  5. Oooh, that's pretty! So classy :cool:
  6. Call them up and ask. I know some SOs are rejected cause of the material and the style of the bag (too structured or something like that).
  7. Hmm, interesting looking Luco. Thanks Valley for finding the tote. I'll look into the whole SO thing...though I think I'd rather have the Piano in Damier than Epi.