Cabas Piano - How much more Slouch?

  1. I'm not crazy about the way the bag is starting to slouch, even though through a previous post I know that it is natural to the bag.

    Question - Will the bag SLOUCH much more than the attached picture (it's been carried about 10 days)?

  2. I see this piece quite often...and it does seem like it is very slouchy....but I think that it is made to....

    Its a tote style bag and will have alot of give....not totally shapeless but has that loose look about it...
  3. I guess the slouch gives it a relaxed casual look.

    Would you consider the Brentwood (Vernis) in the same category?

    May sell mine and get a different bag.
  4. Vernis seems to be to be a more sturctured material and bag style....cant be too sure b/c I dont own

    I think that the Piano is a very stylish bag and it goes with everything and every style of dress....I hope you think about it but, if it bothers you alot, there are alot of other structured bags....:yes:
  5. Bagluvluv - Thanks for the reply. I think the C Piano slouch makes it a great companion for jeans and casual.

    Would you carry it into a business situation and then on to dinner out?

    If you think it's styllish, perhaps I'll reconsider...
  6. i own the cabas mezzo and brentwood. i rarely use any. anyway, the brentwood is much more structured and less slouchy. i still keep the original cardboard in the bag when i'm not using it.
    in my opinion, i think the brentwood is more practical because it doesn't have vachetta on the bottom. also it depends on what color vernis you get, i have one in noisette so it matches with a lot of things.