Cabas Piano- discontinued??

  1. I was just searching elux for the cabas piano and it wasn't there?? Went to Louis Vuitton to search their catalogue and it is gone from there too... Cabas Mezzo is there, but no Cabas Piano??

    Is this bag discontinued?
  2. oopsy... I found it on louis vuitton's catalogue, but not on eluxury...
  3. ^^ elux may just be sold out.
  4. If it's not on elux, it just means it's out of stock.
    The only Cabas I know of right now that's discontinued is the Cabas Alto.
  5. IIRC someone here said that the Palermos are replacements for the Cabas Piano/Mezzo
  6. Sometimes you have to check eluxury continuously. They seem to restock every so often.

  7. ugh..I hope not. I really don't like the Palermos and plan to get the Mezzo before summer.
  8. I was just going to ask the same question.

    They are also sold out on
  9. Oh my, this doesn't sound good :push: Palermo is nice, but cabas piano is kind of LV classic imo.
  10. OMG I just called the boutique on Michigan Ave. and the Saks LV in Chicago and they are both out of stock of the cabas piano.

    I'm planning on calling oakbrook to see if they have it and if they don't I'm going to start to worry because I need this bag.

    So, Please if anyone know any info on if this will be discontinued can you tell us?
  11. I asked SA about Cabas Mezzo and was told it is NOT discontinued.
    Think they had the Piano at the White Plains, New York store today