Cabas Piano, Cabas Mezzo - one more?

  1. Didn't LV used to have a Cabas bag that was in the middle in terms of size?

  2. Was it the cabas alto??? Not sure of the size though.
  3. Yes, that was it. Cabas Alto - thanks!

    I knew I wasn't going crazy!
  4. It's Piano, Mezzo then Alto (the largest of them all). Alto has been discontinued.
  5. Right - sorry, I knew that the order was off too. Thanks for the correction.
  6. the cabas ALTO was like 22 long and 15 high it was big but that i think i am off.
  7. The alto was so large, they couldn't put a zipper on it. there is a photo somewhere on here of Jessica Simpson and her Alto.
  8. I now i thought it was very large !
  9. Here is a photo of me with my Alto:biggrin: :