Cabas Piano and Petit Noe about the same capacity?

  1. I know these bags are different shapes, but can you fit about the same amount of stuff in them?
    I already have a Piano and I'm trying to stop myself from wanting a Petit Noe.
  2. The Piano has a celly holder and a zipper but I LOVE:heart: my Noes:yahoo:

    I have a comestic case and I clip my car starter on the side so I just dump everything else in there and it never looks's so perfect.
  3. NO! the noe will hold a ton more. Only issue is no pockets on the noe, but you can use the purseket in it.
    You can actually fit a speedy 25 in to the noe :biggrin:
  4. HtH's

  5. I have a Speedy 25 and I have stuffed it before (and it looked stuffed). Not my Noe....It's the bag with the endless bottom:wlae:
  6. I totally agree with you.
  7. One thing to think about though is structure. The Cabas Piano is more structured so you can't fit as much. The PN on the other hand is unrestricted.
  8. After reading this thread, I'm thinking about opting for a noe instead of a cabas, didn't know that these noes would hold so much, thanks!
  9. Petit Noe holds aloooooooooot more than the cabas piano because it's not structured. I love the cabas so much more though - noe's aren't for me :s
  10. Yes.. It does hold alot I can't even find my wallet and keys sometimes.. My sister-IN has the cabas piano didn't hold very much. IMO

    The noe can sometimes be a bottomless purse:lol: I remedy that with several pochettes and a large square cosmetic bag for knick knacks and use the LV hook on cles on the outside so no more missing keys:shame: :lol:
  11. noe with med purseket, no need for digging anymore :smile: