CABAS & Modern Chain....

  1. @ 57th St. Cabas in brown & grey (the grey is a neutral taupe shade - gorgeous). Moden Chain in brown, grey, and black. The grey is a taupe/grey as well - I GOT THIS ONE (well... I'm picking it up on Monday - just had to mull it over a bit)!! I am still waiting on the red (so I may change my mind, but who knows!!), but couldn't resist. There are a bunch left... ask for Brendan... 212.355.5050
  2. Japs - great news! Be sure to post pics of the Modern Chain! Which size did you get? The totes are the same price but different sizes right??
  3. Hi Girlie! Please post pics of the modern chain as soon as you can! I also am on the waitlist for the modern chain hobo in the red and also the white! Congrats and nice to see you again I was missing that pic of your beautiful baby!:flowers:
  4. I had a customer service rep at the 800 number tell me that they were pretty much the same size and the only difference was the style of the top of the bags.

    I am on a few waitlists for the large white modern chain tote - Chanel, Nordstrom, and others only ordered the white in large from Paris.
  5. There are two... one is a shopper shape (longer, but the same size as the other, which is a bit wider.. this is the one in the ads)
  6. oooh I hope my NM has these when we go for the luncheon! I'm dying to see them!
  7. Japs, Can you tell us what the leather is like on the Modern Chain? I am on the list for this too and I am dying to get more info... Thanks!
  8. Saw on another thread that the leather varies somewhat by color. Played with the grey MC last week at Chanel was textured...somewhat similar to the Outdoor line... Japs will have better recollections are now a bit fuzzy...
  9. :flowers: thanks SoCal!
  10. Got the dark grey MC love the color and texture. Saw the dark brown and black too, they were okay but quite ordinary. the dark grey color is unique.