Cabas Mezzo?

  1. Hi guys!

    I'm going to NY in late october (yep, I know very early but I just can't stop thinking about NY :love:) and it's time for some big time splurging. ;) So, I was thinking about the Cabas Mezzo, does anyone of you have it? If so, do you think its roomy? A great everyday bag? I'm not 100% sure wheather to get it or not, because I really want to stock up on jeans and basic wear (I live in Sweden, a pair of frankie b's are 3000 kr = 405$!!) and maybe a pair of Manolos. So you see, I'm lost. I've only had one monogram piece (speedy 30) and I sold it - I SO regret it! :crybaby: So help me out, what would you do in my position? And it's a bit expensive for one bag.. so, HELP!

    /Elena :smile:
  2. Mezzo is very roomy,I carry it a lot when I travel or when I carry lots of stuff.
  3. I would definitely go with the Cabas Mezzo. Its perfect for an everyday bag and has a TON of room inside it. I especially love the it looks great whether or not it is fulled. IMO it is pretty light as well.
  4. I'm thinking of getting the Cabas Mezzo right now, too! Can't decide between it and two others...
  5. i have this bag and i love it. even though it is a little more expensive than some of the other lv totes i think the style is gorgeous. very classy looking and it isn't too structured so it is great to dress up or dress down. and the bag itself isn't too heavy which is great too. i don't regret buying it at all. hope this helps!
  6. I can't believe a pair of Frankie b jeans are $405 :rant: In the states they run about $150-$200 bucks average:hysteric:
  7. Thanks everybody! I actually think I'm going to get it! :wlae: And yes, how incredible it may sound - 405 dollars! :censor: That's exactly why I want to buy like 3 or so :P
  8. I have one. Its a great every day bag and also a great travel bag.
  9. I love the Cabas Mezzo...I don't have one, but some day...
  10. I say go for it!

    After carrying my piano july 1 weekend (carrying my stuff/b'f/ and kids stuff along with a ton of water) i'm ready for the mezzo.

    I think it would be perfect for an everyday bag.
  11. You've totally convinced me! I can't wait! Hey, btw, OT but since i'm not from the US, do I get the sales tax back in the airport? :smile:
  12. I'd say go for the Mezzo! I think I may be getting one sometime down the road myself. They're great bags and a lot of people here love them.
  13. I love the Mezzo. When I was in the store buying my Damier Speedy, the guy was holding the bag out to these girls saying, "Oh yes, this was the one Angelina's been seen with."
    It kind of made me mad because I've had that for quite awhile and now people are just equating it with a celebrity..BUT, I definitely suggest going for that bag. It's great to travel with and I carry my laptop in it when I go somewhere or if I'm just going on a short trip, I'll pack clothes in it. Plus, during the school year, I carry my textbooks in it. It's super roomy and very versatile!
  14. That's great that you can fit your books in it! I'm also going to use it for school so that's great. :smile: I agree with you, people are starting to buy certain bags only because their fave celeb has been seen carrying one. Don't get me wrong, I like Angelina - but I'm not buying the bag because of her.
  15. I dont have it yet but planning to get onne soon, im just deciding between that and MC speedy, i know they're totally diff.... but good luck, seems like it's a good buy.