Cabas Mezzo with zipper?

  1. I just went to LV shop yesterday looking forward to buy a Cabas Mezzo. The one on webs (either E-lux or the official site, and the Japanese site) show it has a cell pocket and a zipper pocket. But when I went to the store, the SA told me it never has a zipper.

    So, does it have a zipper inner pocket or no?

  2. hmmmmm
  3. OK I am freaked out. What the H! The Cabas Mezzo really doesn't have zipper in the LV store.
  4. I am calling 866-VUITTON, right now!
  5. Jason, I just spoke with a sales rep over the phone and she told me that it has a zip closure, she then put a manager on the phone(to appease me) and she TOO said it has a zipper top. WHEW!
  6. Thank you.
  7. Mine has a zipper closure just like the picture.
  8. Piano and Mezzo both have zippers. Alto was the ONLY cabas without a zipper from the Mono line.
  9. Don't zipper closures give you peace of mind? I need to know my wallet is safe and sound and not out in the open with a tote.
  10. Yeah..mine has a zipper on the inside..that's where I keep my smaller items when I use it as a travel bag.
  11. Hmmm - My cabas mezzo that I just bought about 1 month ago from the LV boutique in Boston does NOT have a zipper on the inside pocket. It has a zipper top closure - but the inside pocket does not have a zipper. The date code on mine is 0106 so maybe that is something that changed for 2006???
  12. That's possible. I heard something changed with the D-ring on one of the bags.
  13. Popincourt haut had the d-ring removed.

    And I remember someone noticing that one of the Suhali bags no longer had a divider as well, this thread was from way long ago though.
  14. Yes, that's what were speaking about, the zipper closure at the top of the bag.