Cabas Mezzo,where Is The Code Date ?

  1. Just got my cabas mezzo, and was wondering where was the date on the bag.
    I love that it was made in France, just an extra perk!
    Anyone had any problem with the bottom vachetta? i don't want to baby it, love the size and zippered top.
  2. should be under the d ring
  3. here you go

  4. My Cabas Mezzo's date code is inside the open pocket on the right side. AR0036 is mines, so my Mezzo was born in March of 06 :love:
  5. You know I looked there, but obviously didn't pull it back enuf.
    I'll check when I get home tonight. I got it from ELUX.
    How do you guys like,love it?I was on the fence between that and the damier chelsea but was swayed toward cabas, cause loved the look a little better.
    I don't mind aged patina ,actually think it looks loved and used.
    Do I need to rethink?
  6. Do you have a d ring and or zipper pocket in your bag?

  7. I dont have the mezzo but the piano and love it. Its my winter bag.

  8. I'll look inside the pocket as well. Thanks !
  9. I have a small d-ring and an open pocket on one side. Also a cell pocket on the other side.
  10. I have a D-Ring inside the bag, no zipper pocket, it's an open pocket, and a phone pocket
  11. Could be way yours isnt behind the d ring. Id check inside the open pocket.

  12. Congrats on the purchase!! I really like that bag!

    I have the Piano, and have not babied it when using. It has held up fabulously; my SA commented on the Patina -- he said it looked good for as much as I have used it. The bottom isn't very dirty at all, just the corners are a tiny bit worn.

    You're going to love using it!! :smile:
  13. Mine is also in the open pocket, it says VIOO36. I love my Mezzo so much I've been using it almost everyday. In rainy Seattle the zipper is an absolute Godsend!! No one sees or cares about the bottom of the bag so I just let it be and after constant abuse there is a tiny scuff mark that I haven't even tried to remove.
  14. Our Mezzo's were born in the same month and year!!!!!:graucho: :graucho: :love:
  15. Thanks for the help, I found the date inside the pocket,it as april 2006.
    I keep feeling the monogram and its really lovely and the bag is really growing on me.
    I wanted a monogram bag-its my first and really do think it's gonna work for me I luv the way it fits on my side and really looks substantial-I luv a big bag!!!!!!
    I also purchased the damier speedy 30 on June 1st and really adore it