Cabas Mezzo vs Cabas Alto

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  1. Hello, LV lovers! I absolutely love the Cabas line. I currently own the Cabas Piano and I would love to see your Cabas Mezzo or Alto on you if you have one! Please indicate your height/ weight if you’re comfortable with that so we can have a better idea of size. It sucks that this great line has not been in production and so there’s no way for us to try it on. Sure, there are celebrity pics online but it’s so cool to see your own pics and to hear your own thoughts! Thank you all!
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  2. I hope we get some action here, as I have and love my Cabas Piano, too. I once went into an LV boutique with mine and the SA remarked what a great, structured bag it is and lamented its discontinuation. I think an Alto would be great for travel.
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  3. Apologies for the late response. I am eyeing a particular cabas alto and might pull the trigger today. I'm still a bit torn between the Cabas Alto and Cabas Mezzo but depending on how my bid does for the alto, I may end up with the mezzo? We'll see! Such a gorgeous collection, I wouldn't mind having all 3 sizes if i could. @LaDolceLaria
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  4. I have the cabas mezzo and I love it. I recently bought it pre loved because I wanted a larger sized tote for work
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  5. Pics?
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