Cabas Mezzo? Use? Everyday bag??

  1. Cabas Mezzo owners...

    I was wondering what exactly do you use your Mezzo for?? Everyday bag?

    Could it be used as an everyday purse/bag??:hrmm:..Or would it be too large?

    I tried it on at the LV store a few wks. back. It was rather roomy. I thought..."What/How would I use this??" "Would I have enough things to fill it so that it wouldn't be too empty?" :huh:

    What do you use/put in your Mezzo?
    Thanks all!:smile:
  2. I wanted a mezzo - but I got a piano. The mezzo was too big (for me) to be used as an everyday tote on my shoulder. Yet I have no problem with bigger bags being held on the nook of my arm - I guess its the style of the cabas that has me thinking that the "oversized bag look" won't work. I see LV bags as classy, not boho. Maybe Im just weird..(yeah, that's probably it ;) )
  3. I would use it as a everyday bag.
  4. I got mine to use to carry my text books for school. I don't really use it THAT much for school now since I don't have to take my books to class this semester, thank goodness. But more recently, I've been using it as a weekend bag for my clothes when I take weekend trips. It's a really versatile bag!
  5. i want one for travel/overnight trips. it's either the mezzo or antigua cabas gm. they're pretty big.
  6. I use mine mostly for work if I have a lot of stuff to bring with me. And if I'm travelling because I can fit so much into it to bring on the plane. Sometimes I'll use it shopping - depends on my mood. I really don't use it as an everyday bag since it is so big and I feel stupid carrying a huge bag with hardly anything in it.
  7. Mostly for traveling for me at the moment. I got it for "future" .When I have a child I will put diapers lol
  8. I carry it everyday.It is handy for the gym.I'm 5'9,so its not too big on me.
  9. Thanks all for your input.:smile: I was just trying to come up with a use for it for me. I don't travel. I don't carry alot of things with me. When I carry my speedy 30 (with what I believe is a lot of stuff) it's half way full. I've already went thru the diaper thing stage with my that's out. Darn. LOL, If only I had discovered LV back then. Hmm..:hrmm: Nope, LOL can't think of any uses then...Oh well...LOL!! Maybe in the future.
  10. I have used mine as an everyday bag. I have to say it's AWESOME if you are traveling or have kids.
    I went from a Piano to the Mezzo and haven't looked back. It's such a nice bag.
  11. I can see it as an everyday bag.
  12. Does anyone have a picture of themself with the Cabas Mezzo? I've never seen one on a person!
  13. Here's mine:
  14. Lvbabydoll, THANK YOU!

    May I ask how tall you are?
  15. Lol. Only 5'2. I don't mind though because then I can wear taller shoes :biggrin:
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