Cabas Mezzo too big for me?

  1. I'm 5'3", 120lbs and I wear heels a lot. I love the Cabas Mezzo, but do you think it's too big for me? For some reason, I just don't get the same satisfaction from the Cabas Piano. What do you think?
  2. I've seen this bag IRL...personally, I don't think it looks too big on anyone who wears it (at least from what I've seen), but it just depends on how much you carry daily. :smile:
  3. I loooove big bags!! Go for will look so cute!
  4. No....Go for it! I think it'll be perfect!
  5. what about a LH or BH ?
    compare mezz and lockit h.jpg compare bh to lockit h.jpg
  6. I have this bag, I love it. I have used it so much I really need to have the vachetta replaced :sad: will take more care of it next time. I say go for it, fab bag!
  7. I say go in to LV if you can and try them all on! That's the best part of shopping for a new bag!
  8. Thanks! I do like the LH, but something about the squareness of the CM has got me addicted.
  9. I second that! It's so different looking at a bag online and seeing it on you in real life. Sometimes a bag you loved won't look right on you at all, while another you weren't loving online ends up looking beautiful when you try it on. I like the Cabas and don't think it would be too big for you, but also consider the BH- love that bag. Good luck!
  10. Let us know what you pick!
  11. I love the Mezzo..I used it today because I was selling my books back. I think it's a great size! I posted a pic awhile back in the visual aids thread of me with mine. I'm 5'2.
  12. You can totally rock the Mezzo. I love it and it's next on my list of things to purchase. To be honest, it's not really that large. I tend to find my speedy 30 large at times but for some reason the Mezzo seems just right. Maybe because it's a shoulder bag...

    I weigh the same as you do and it has never seemed too big.
  13. I think you'll look great with the Cabas Mezzo! It's a beautiful bag!
  14. I think you'd rock it! For a large bag it's not overpowering.
  15. I'm 5'1-5'2 'ish and I love cabas mezzo! I don't own this yet, but I tried it on and it really looked great! And you know what they say.....

    The larger the bag, the smaller you look! :p Gotta love that!