Cabas Mezzo Questions...

  1. I have had my BH for a few months now and I have yet to carry her. I do like the bag, but for some reason she feels small on me. I am 6'0" tall and curvy, so I love big bags. Is the Cabas Mezzo alot bigger? It's so hard to go by the dimensions on elux. Is the shoulder drop of this bag really 8"? It just seems so much bigger???!!
    I rented the Nanny Diaries last night and Scarlett Johannsen was carrying this bag and I loved the way it looked on her. The vachetta bottom does worry me, but not enough to keep me from getting this bag..if it's the right size for me.
    I have already visited the Cabas clubhouse looking for info and pics, but there were not many. Can anyone with this bag offer me any insight as to how big it really is? Anyone have any other suggestions for a large shoulder bag in mono? I do have the Neverfull GM already, so something else besides this.

  2. I don't have one, but I've tried it on in the store many times. And everytime, I want to buy it! I'm 5'2" and I think it's a great size - not too big at all!

    for another option, have you looked at the new Tivoli GM?
  3. I love my Cabas Mezzo. I wear it all the time. I know many that are on the petite side and it looks just as great as it does on taller girls. I never worry about the bottom. I sprayed it for protection and it's good to go. I carry it very comfortably under my shoulder. I don't think you will be disappointed.
  4. 16*13*6 is the mezzo
    13*10*4 is the BH

    YES the mezzo is bigger.
  5. I thought the handle drop was 10"? Can someone confirm this?
  6. I have the Cabas Mezzo but due to the Vachetta worries I switched to the Palermo is bigger than my Mezzo and has no vachettta issues since the bottom is monogram. Also, the straps are adjustable and you can wear it it cross body if you need to be hands free.
  7. I saw a tall girl in a long black coat and boots rocking the Mezzo today! Definately caught my eye and looked fantastic on her. Now I am looking for additional pics too!
  8. Yeah the Mezzo is larger. I have both that and the BH and use the Mezzo when I'm carrying textbooks. I think I may have posted a pic of myself carrying the Mezzo and I'm 5'2 also, I'll try to find that pic.
    As for the strap drop, it's kind of in the middle, about 9.5" for mine. Also, the vachetta bottom isn't a big deal, I've used mine quite a bit in the 3 years I've had it and I only have one minor mark on the bottom; the rest is just the natural patina.
  9. YES, can someone please confirm the handle drop...........I'm soooo close to ordering this bag, but need to know the drop!
  10. Here's the pic and as I mentioned in my post above, the strap drop on mine is approximately 9.5"
  11. The mezzo is definitely larger than the BH. I tend to use the mezzo more because it holds alot!
  12. I use my cabas mezzo all the time. It is my standard carry all bag. The handle drop is 9.5 and I love it because it is lightweight and has a zippered top. The vachetta on mine got a few marks but they are no big deal and I cleaned it up with the Mr. Clean. I use it in rain and snow and it has develped a very nice patina.
  13. Thanks for all the input...I believe I've decided to go ahead and order the Mezzo. I hope this will truly be my perfect bag.
  14. i LOVE mine and use it for work & travel. the vachetta never really bothered me since i don't look at the bottom of my bag & rarely (if ever!) put it on the floor.

    It's a classic bag.
  15. I love my Cabas Mezzo
    i am only 5'6 and it does not look too big for me