Cabas Mezzo organizer?

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  1. 1599D5A4-68E3-45FB-8DFF-F4A505FE2701.jpeg I just recently purchased a beautiful preloved cabas mezzo. I’m in love, but am looking to give it more structure and organization. Does anyone own this bag and use an organizer? I cannot seem to find one that works for it. Please help! Thanks everyone :smile:
  2. I ran into the same issue and ended up using my Samorga organizer for the large Longchamp. It folds in a bit at the sides as it’s a bit too deep but is doing the job for now. Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for the pics! Does this organizer you pictured cover the entire length of the bag? Just curious as I’m hoping it will provide more structure to my bag as well. Thanks so much :smile:
  4. Yup! I'm not home right now but will take more pics later. If the wrinkling at the sides bother you, you can contact Samorga and ask them to make a custom organizer for the Mezzo. You just have to measure carefully. :smile:
  5. Thanks for taking more pics for me! Really appreciate the help :smile:
  6. I have an organizer meant for the neverfull, I haven't tried it in my cabas to see how it fits, but it I get a chance today I'll throw it in and take a pic
  7. I would greatly appreciate a picture of that! :smile:
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