Cabas Mezzo or Piano? Help!!

  1. I just recieved my Cabas Piano bag (I successfully ordered it off eBay!) and am realizing that it is too small for me to lug my "neccesities" to and from work. I am thinking that I should have gotten the Mezzo :wtf: ! The piano is great, but I'm used to BIG bags. I can't afford to buy the mezzo right now as well. ..should I re-sell the piano on eBay, and buy the mezzo?? Sounds like such a process. Anyone have some helpful advice?! :confused1: Thanks!!
  2. I have the Piano and it is great for my needs. But if you think it's too small, I would resell and get the Mezzo. It seems like a long procedure but it's better than having a bag that you won't use!
    Best of luck whatever you decide!
  3. Yeah, selling and re-buying would probably be your best bet.
  4. Cabas Mezzo.....
  5. the cabas mezzo is the perfect day bag. i'm so glad i got it.
  6. I'd re-sell it and buy the Mezzo!
  7. I would also resell and get the mezzo. I currently have both and am debating on selling my piano as well.
  8. Cabas Mezzo vote here.