Cabas Mezzo or Neverfull GM??

  1. I want my 2nd LV bag. The first one was a Speedy 40. I didn't like that I couldn't carry it on my shoulder. I sold that one. This next one must be able to be carried on the shoulder, it must be large (which they both are), and it must be sturdy. I know that many of you have these bags. Which would you recommend for an everyday work bag? My first instinct is the Neverfull, because I don't want the bottom of the bag to look dirty on the leather. Please give me your honest opinions...Thanks.
  2. i say a BH or cabas,the neverfull does not have a zipper and the straps are quite thin so not comfortable i think...
  3. Bh
  4. cabas mezzo!
  5. I'd go for a BH... I'm not a fan of the Neverfull.
  6. i'd say cabas mezzo,

    i'm also looking to purchase one in the near year.... as a diaper bag
  7. I suggest cabas mezzo, I have the neverfull GM which I use for work - to carry around my laptop and it is quite sturdy ... however the thin straps hurt your hands and shoulders. If I didn't need it because the size of my laptop, I would have bought the mezzo.
  8. Definitely CM!
  9. Mezzo for sure..I love it and the straps are nice and sturdy.
  10. I have the Neverfull GM as a bag to run out of the house with and to throw around. I don't recommend it as a work bag though. I had to purchase an additional bottom supporter off of eBay to support the bottom of the bag because if it's not there, the bottom sags like crazy. Plus if your looking for a more structured bag, the Neverfull is quite flimsy.

    It's an amazing bag though, but for your needs, I recommend something else.
  11. i have the cabas mezzo and love it. Its holds a lot and fits nicely on the shoulder, but then again u worry about the leather bottom. i do too but u just need to be careful where u set it down.
  12. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I think it's going to be the Cabas Mezzo. I don't want a sagging bottom in a bag. I also have seen the BH in real life and don't care for it for me. I'm so excited for the Cabas!!