Cabas Mezzo or Babylone?

  1. I'm trying to figure out which one is a better every day big tote :girlsigh:

    Can anyone a vote for a Cabas Mezzo or Babylone and why they like the one they pick better?
    Thanks for any help... :flowers:
  2. I would go with the Cabas Mezzo, it's comfortable to me, I love the style and now that I am getting it in the Damier, I really can't wait until it arrives!
  3. Cabas Mezzo! There's just something about the Babylone shape I don't like.
  4. TOTALLY AGREE, something's funny about that Babylone shape, I don't like the straps either. Mezzo for certain think Angelina!
  5. Yeah I agree! I don't like the shape of the Babylone.
    Could be that I have a biased vote because I have the Mezzo though :smile:
  6. I've got a Babylone, and I love it. Very comfy on the shoulder, and I don't have to worry about placing it anywhere I want because there's no leather on the bottom. I'm seeing a ton of Cabas Pianos and a few Mezzos, but the leather issue worries me. I also don't care for the overly simplistic styling. It just makes me think that it's priced high for the sheer heck of it because it sure didn't take a lot to construct that particular bag.
  7. I'd go for the Mezzo!
  8. Mezzo:yes:
  9. Mezzo
  10. you all are the best!! i love coming here to ask for help,everyone is always so great!! thanks so much :girlsigh:
  11. Haha...I predict that your husband will be in front of the store like this in the future: :rant: :closed:
  12. I have the Babylone and love it. It fits a lot of things, especially the magazines that I like the carry with me as well as my pochette with my makeup, purse, keys etc.
  13. another vote for the mezzo! :yes:
  14. Mezzo!
  15. Mezzo !