Cabas Mezzo discontinued??!!

  1. My sister recently went to a LV store in Singapore as she wanted to take a look a few bags before making her final decision on getting which one.

    When she requested to take a look at the monogram cabas mezzo, the SA mentioned to her that it will be discontinued:wtf: but the store did have the bag in the store anyways.

    So is the cabas mezzo really going to be discontinued?
  2. umm..if it is, they better make it in damier soon lol
  3. I think the Cabas Piano has been discontinued but I find it very unlikely that LV would discontinue the Mezzo, especially considering it's pretty much the only big mono tote available since they've discontinued the Babylone and Luco.
  4. I saw this in the special order club and it's TDF.

    I'm not sure if it's being discontinued, I'm so sad they discontinued the Babylone :sad:. I love big bags, and have a cabas mezzo and also wanted the Babylone but 3 months after I bought my cabas mezzo I saw the babylone was discontinued :sad:.
  5. I love my cabas mezzo, it is my go everywhere bag! However, I am not sure how well it is selling since the BH has been introduced. Many people are also worried about the vachetta bottom. I would not be surprised if it is discontinued, but it is a shame.
  6. I noticed that the Cabas Mezzo has been out of stock on Eluxury for weeks. I ended up calling 866-Vuitton about two weeks ago and I asked if it had been discontinued. They told me that they were out of stock online and in many stores due to the holiday season but that the Mezzo is part of their permanent collection. I ended up locating one at a store nearby me and I bought it. I'm so excited because I've wanted this bag for years!
  7. I'm buying one when I graduate. But I like buying pre-owned consignment, so I suppose I can always do that.

    I thought this was one of the more popular bags, though!!
  8. I think is a practical bag. It will be sad if they discontinued it.
  9. i think i read somewhere on here that the piano and maybe the mezzo will be discontinued and the palermo bags will replace them as the mono tote.
  10. ^^
    I hope that's not true... The Cabas Piano/Mezzo are great bags as well as the Palermo PM/GM. The Cabas Piano/Mezzo is just a classic bag - it could be an icon bag!
  11. I asked my SA a few weeks ago to see the Mezzo because I was planning on buying one, and she told me they had been discontinued. The Palermos are replacing the Mezzo and Piano as the new totes. Sorry to break the sad news to everyone :sad: I guess I will have to buy one pre-loved!
  12. I was told yesteraday that they are definitely not being discontinued and they had both sizes in stock.
    Different info from different stores. LV should just announce on its website when they discontinue a bag. Make our lives easier
  13. ITA!!! I have the now disc Cabas Alto and I LOVE it! (I originally bought it as a diaper bag). I've always been meaning to get the Mezzo because of the zipper top but keep putting it off and buying other bags instead - now the saving for Mezzo has begun! lol
  14. My SA told me yesterday that they are going to produce the Mezzo still but they are noting going to make as many. so they can concentrate on producing the Neverfull.
  15. No!!! I wanted to get a Cabas Mezzo!! NOO!!! All the new bags don't have proper zipperso on them! The Cabas Mezzo is the only one that closes with a zipper, (except the Palermo) but the neverfull doesn't and neither does the BH... :sad: