Cabas Mezzo Date Code Question

  1. I have a Cabas Mezzo with date code SD0064 (made in USA). I purchased it from a very reputable MyPoupette Recommended Seller, and it came with the original Neiman Marcus receipt.

    My question is, I currently have it up for sale on eBay, and received a question today saying that they had spoken with a "LV representative" in Seattle who said that Mezzos are only made in France, and that it should not have a "Made in USA" heat stamp. The person asked how I could explain that...

    I don't believe this to be true, and told the person as much, saying that sometimes Sales Associates are not fully informed. Am I wrong? Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks so much!
  2. IMO: Not true... I have seen authentic Cabas Mezzo's that are made in USA.

    I would just enlighten the person and tell them that it is possible for Cabas Mezzo's to be made in France or USA. Sometimes, LV SA's aren't always right. The person that messaged you probably has in mind that all LV SA's are always right.
  3. Thank you, John! I really appreciate your input. I'm no expert, but thought that the SA was incorrect, and feel so much better now with your well-educated LV opinion! You're the best, thanks!! :smile:
  4. I have a Cabas Mezzo that was made in the USA. Date code: SD1017 (11th week of 2007)
  5. Mine is made in the USA as well....
  6. Yup, that's correct! :tup:

    Mbamom: You're welcome! And thanks! You're a sweetheart! :heart:
  7. mine is made in usa as well