cabas mezzo bottom types

Aug 20, 2006
hello- quick question. are there two types of cabas mezzo bottoms? one piece of continuous vachetta, and one bottom that is pieced? does that make sense? i've seen both, but i didn't know if they were both authentic. thanks, pfers!
I think I know what you're talking about...

From what I've seen, all Cabas bags [Piano, Mezzo, and Alto] have a leather bottom. If you've seen a Cabas bag with a canvas bottom, it is more than likely fake.

The bags that kinda look like the Cabas bags are the Babylone and the Sac Shopping [discontinued], have leather piping with Monogram Canvas at the bottom of the bags.
My Cabas Piano has 3 leather pieces on the bottom and it's about 3 yrs old. My co-worker bought her Piano in Hawaii about a year ago and it one full leather bottom. Kinda annoying when LV redesigns a purse after you've already bought it from them earlier.