cabas mezzo big enough for...

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  1. overnight? weekend trip? want a zip top...
  2. Maybe good for overnight if you don't have much stuff to carry other than that I think a keepall would be better. I usually use mine for school for books, but sometimes I use it to carry a change of clothes/makeup case if I need to go somewhere after. It would be kind of stuffed though.
  3. I normally carry mine for trip beside keepall. Perfect bag for a mom with toddle.r
  4. It's pretty big so I'd say yes.
  5. Wouldn'e be big enogh for me...but I always pack too agree a keepall would be better, or if you don't want to go that big a carryall might be a good in between...or an alma voyage.
  6. i don't have it but tried it on recently and i think it does make a great overnight bag. very roomy
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