Cabas Mezzo as a school bag?

  1. So, I'm getting ready to go back to school in October. I'll be going to the Art Institute and for my first year (I think) most of my classes will be fundamental art classes, but my second year I'm guessing I'll be needing to get myself a laptop (I'm a Web Design/Graphic Design major) and I'd like to get an nice bag to carry all my school stuff then. Do any of you guys have a Cabas Mezzo that you use for school/work and use it to carry around a laptop (I'm getting a 15.4" MacBook Pro)? Do you think it's sturdy enough to hold that along with maybe a few books, large wallet, keys, small make-up case, etc? Thanks in advance!
  2. yes, my grandma has it i tried it on, my laptop is a lil bit bigger than yours, it fits, and the cabas mezzo is one of my choices for a new school bag (i want it in DAMIER) TRUST ME it'll fit
  3. Oh I'm sure it will fit, cause hot damn the Mezzo is REALLY big! Haha, I'm just worried about the weight of everything all together in the bag and if it would effect it or damage it in any way...

    The MacBook Pro weighs a little over 5lbs and I'd also be carrying a slim binder, and a few other smaller things.

  4. I don't personally own this bag, but I was investigating it as a school bag as well - Everyone has told me that it is VERY functional, big, and durable (i.e., weight shouldn't be a problem):smile:
  5. A fellow PF'er by the name of Rebecca uses her Mezzo as a school bag, if I'm not mistaken. ;)
  6. oh no no, weeight will surely wont be a problem unless your carrying bag full of bricks, which i think will still hold, lv bags are meant to be used, GET IT!! lol
  7. It's such a cute bag too! Thanks so much guys, I was worried. I definitely going to get it then, I just didn't want to hurt it with all my stuff in there :biggrin:
  8. Yes! I have it and love it..I just used it today and it's the BEST tote. It fits EVERYthing.
    And thanks John! ;)
  9. I have one and use it for work all the time. Trust me this bag will take a lickin and keep on tickin. ;) Almost everyday I am stuffing the baby to the brim. :yes: GET IT!
  10. Glad to hear that it could hold up to the weight. That'd be my first concern too!
  11. My friend's friend used a Mezzo when we were together in English class......and it kinda looked really awkward on her (she's SUPER short....shorter than me and I'm 5'2").... But don't get me wrong tho, I htink it's perfect for school!
  12. Yes, I'd recommend that bag...what a statement it makes. It is very durable and I love mine. It can definately handle the job.

  13. Thanks so much for the imput guys! I wont be able to get it until well after Christmas, unfortunately. But now I know what I'm saving for! :smile: