Cabas Mary Kate, OK for Work??

  1. Of course I love this bag all of a suddenn(that's what the PF does to you!!). I work in a fairly conservative environment, would this bag work (in the black)? I'm just not too crazy about the stripes on the handles, seem athletic to me :shame:
  2. If it's a very formally-dressed environment, I think the bag would be a bit too casual.

  3. I agree with you about the stripes looking a bit athletic. The shape of the bag looks suitable for work but may be not the overall look. I think it has to do with the fabric material. May be it will work on certain work-days? ;)
  4. I love Monogram Mini but I don't care for the bags with the white in the strap/ handles. IMO, a great place to accumulate dirt from the hands.
  5. I believe it depends on what you're wearing and what type of work environment. This bag is highly sought for, specially in the black mini mono, as they stopped production and is discontinued. When I got mine about three months ago; also in black, it was one of five in the world!

    As far as the straps, it looks good with the mini mono IRL and in you, for it is not something ones eyes are fixated on immediately. Personally, I don't believe that the white area of the straps will get too filthy because you will not be touching those areas. There is a black leather patch that rests on your shoulder.

    I wish you luck acquiring this beautiful bag! Keep us updated.
  6. I think the straps are a bit casual for work, but the size is definitely good!
  7. the bag is a great size cuz it can hold a laptop easily but if you work in a very corporate environment then get the Epi Passy GM. I should also mention that MK in all black mono looks kind of cheap. Something about the fabric reminds me of an old tshirt. I went to LV with the intention of buying it as well and that totally turned me off. Have you seen it IRL?
  8. If you want this bag in black, I suggest you call 866-VUITTON right now. Three weeks ago there were only 4 left in the ENTIRE United States.
  9. I don't would be perfect if not for the straps. The white strap is a distractionfrom the rest of the bag's beauty IMO.
  10. I love the cabas mary kate.
  11.'s agreat size for work. can fit so much
    but the straps might be a little out of place.
    i've seen a girl dressed all corporate but the straps didn't stick out. they kinda blended in.
  12. Thanks Killer, I have seen it on Elux for months. I was able to try it on it looked funny with my suit :sad: I don't think the fabric looks cheap however, the stripes just didn't work, it is a very cute casual bag though, such a great size!