cabas is out , riviera is in (maybe) , but which size?

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azur riviera pm or mm

  1. riviera pm

  2. riviera mm

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  1. ok, so once i figured out that the new azur cabas is not coated canvas but just plain canvas, i realized it wouldn't work for me. i have been thinking about the riviera. i just love the braided handles next to the azur. just wondering, if you were going to go for that bag, which size would you choose? also, do you think you would consider using it with a speedy b vachetta strap for crossbody (that would be for the pm size) or do you think that would look wrong? all opinions appreciated. thanks to everybody who chimes in on this one :smile:

  2. Arent the cabas azur the same canvas as the other azur bags?
  3. no, i was told that the cabas is uncoated canvas, not like the other azur bags which are coated
  4. Really? That is kind of a bummer. Why would LV do this ? Makes it more prone to color transfer not coming off :sad:
  5. I think the size you choose will depend on how much you want to carry. The PM for me personally would be more than enough room for my daily essentials.
  6. It depends on what you would use it for. As an everyday purse - pm, as an overnight/travel bag - mm.
    GL, they look really nice!
  7. Hi do you know how much the pm riveria is going to cost? Thanks so much! :smile:
  8. pm is $1650 and mm is $1810
  9. Thanks for the prices! Between the de totally mm and the riveria pm which would you get? I don't have any azur pieces yet.
  10. it all depends on how much you carry in your bags :smile:
  11. Is the picture of the riveria floating around the pm or mm? Thanks so much!
  12. i don't know which it is. i would love to see this on someone so i could guage size. i love the braided handles so much. i am in the same dilemma as you totally de or this. trouble is i want them both, lol! i preordered the totally so i will probably just get that and see how i like it but honestly i love this bag too. do you think the pm would look weird crossbody if i added a speedy b strap?
  13. i usually go for at least an mm like with the totally. and with the speedy, i like the 35 best. that being said i do have a speedy b 25 for crossbody too. the thing i can't figure out is how it will look in the larger side if carried by hand. 18 inches across is pretty large. wish i could see it in person right now, lol : )
  14. would you ever consider carrying the pm crossbody with a speedy b strap? would that look weird?