Cabas herbag to be discontinued

  1. For those of you who have pieces from the currently discontinued Fourre-Tout and Herligne Ranges.......congratulations. I spent all my time saving for a Birkin and ignoring the less expensive but equally beautiful range - with much regret. I had a wallet but it got stolen. herligne zip wallet in Miel.:crybaby:

    And now, this just inned from Hermes - they plan to phase out the Cabas Herbag tote as well!!! I have to get one, arrrgh. But I can't..... Ihave to save for the Victoria GM I saw in the store. For those of you who have the moolah right now and you like the bag...get it quick! I wish I could. Another one that got away.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Eric! :flowers:

    Does anyone has a Herbag Cabas tote? Do you find it useful & wearable ? Is is too heavy as a everyday bag ? TIA! :flowers:
  3. Right Eric.

    In Paris, Hermès stop the "Herbag" collection since few months... at the same time, we've introduced the "Caravane " collection... :flowers:

  4. OMFG. I'm so proud to say I have the herline in all the different sizes and shapes :yahoo:
    OK. maybe not all, but 5 different ones :nuts: :nuts:

    I really love that range, the quality is fantastic and its water proof and they all come with locks and keys.

    They are really value for money, I love them to death. On hearing it will be discontinued, I went on a rampage at my local store :upsidedown: :upsidedown:
  5. Hi Specialistparis:flowers:
    How does Caravane looks like?

    Oh, is Karo to be discontinues too?
  6. WHat ??

    Karo Clutch to be discontinued ??? :sweatdrop:
  7. The Caravane is a tote bag that has two outside pockets that are big.
    Comes in two sizes and is made of lambskin(that is what I seem to remember my SA was telling).Also comes with a strap that is detachable.
    The outside stitching contrast the dark leather.
    I would probably invest on this versus the Cabas herbag because it is very light and the leather is super soft. Th smallest one is about $1600.
  8. I would like to see some photos of the caravane tote bag. Thank
  9. Thanks for the feedback, BagShoeLover :flowers: I'll check out the Caravane!
  10. oh no, love the herbag. and it's baby-proof!
  11. I have two cabas herbags and they are my 'workhorses' - perfect for traveling, perfect for everyday - just great bags, really :yes:

    My ebene leather/vibrato bottom is the favorite of the two - but my black leather/toile bottom has got to be the most lovingly used...

    What a shame they're discontinuing such great bags....
  12. Thanks Lisa! :flowers: Are your Cabas Herbag the PM size or the MM size?

    From what I see in the Japanese lookbooks, the Cabas Herbag PM comes with 2 bottoms of the same size, but different colors. Cabas Herbag MM comes with 2 bottoms of different size (same width, different height).

    I saw a Cabas Herbag MM very recently in natural leather with cream colored toile bottoms...I'm smittened!!! :P :love: :love: :love:
  13. Hi there - Mine are both PM size. Will try to attach pics here for you to see...

    I'm smitten as well :love: Such great little bags!!!
    herbag_vibrato.jpg herbagcabas1.jpg DSCF0004.JPG
  14. Could someone pls explain the idea of the Herbag for me, pls?:shame: How come there's like 2 bags? Is one an insert? Can you use the bag without the other (insert) one?
  15. Herbags are designed so that you can swap out the bottom portion of the bag whenever you want. It's like having two different color bags in one :yes:

    If you look at the picture that I posted, you'll see my ebene herbag with both bottoms: one is vibrato leather and the other is khaki canvas. So I can go between either of those bottoms with the ebene leather straps portion...very cool and versatile.

    The cabas also has two shoulder straps and fastens shut with two leather straps that you pull together. Each bottom has an interior pocket and the leather shoulder strap portion has a built in key fob, which is VERY handy!!

    Hope this makes sense!

    BTW, I also have the GM carry bag and it's great! It comes with two canvas bottoms - one is HUGE and the other is medium sized - perfect for traveling!
    herbag_big.jpg rich_jacqui333 003.jpg