Cabas Box question - please help

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  1. I just got my teal baby cabas, and it's beautiful. But I have a question. How big is the box it's supposed to come in? My box seems so small for this bag. I got it on ebay, and I'm thinking my seller took the cabas sticker and stuck it on a smaller box. Not a big deal, really, but it bugs me, and I've got to know what I'm supposed to have. Can someone measure their box? Or tell me if there's a pic of bag and box together where you can see the size? I know, I'm very OCD.
  2. my box is huge.....
  3. Here are the measurements of my baby Cabas box:
    17-3/4" X 15-3/4" X 7"
  4. The boxes for my black and white baby cabas are huge black ones that open from either side. My khaki cabas came with this ginormous white box w/black chanel lettering that was so big that my SA did not have a bag big enough to fit the box in. She had to cut the sides of the bag, place the box in there and tie the 2 handles together w/chanel ribbon.
  5. well, the bag is authentic, but apparently the box is the wrong one. My seller says this is the box NM sent it to him in, and it came with the NM receipt, so I guess they screwed him out of the right box, and now I have the wrong box, too. Makes me mad, though, because they stuck the cabas sticker on this box, and it's kind of peeling off. I guess it's not that important. The bag is what matters. Will try not to be OCD.
  6. you are prob right....
    i recently got a reissue not from nordy and i dont think the box is the right box. the box is too big for the reissue, and there is no sticker on the box. maybe dept stores dont really keep track of which boxes come with what bags?:s
  7. me_love, maybe we should trade boxes!!! (the sticker on mine lifts right off at this point). It's about 12 X 15 and maybe 4.5 inches thick. how big is yours?
  8. I think the seller want to use the smaller Chanel Box to save shipping cost. It would cost more if he/she was to use the original oversize box.
  9. My box is huge. and the bag came with such a big vinyl pillow in it it could not fit in a smaller boc.
  10. it is also possible that NM just grab the wrong box, my NM SA once told me since they need to save spaces sometime they just take all the bags (esp. the bigger ones I think) out of the boxes and put the boxes separately away from the bags, and so sometime they might not be even able to find the right box.

    My khaki cabas also comes in this huge white box with black chanel letters on top.
  11. My NM SA told me that their warehouse throws away the balenciaga boxes because they are too big (and hardsided/heavy). The Chanel boxes for the cabas are also like that, so maybe the NM warehouse tossed them.