Cabas bags?????V

  1. I am new to Chanel as you might see in my previous posts. After seeing all the beautiful pictures of the Cabas bags I am thinking of buying one.

    Questions: I love the baby cabas in khaki leather but want to know how heavy the bag is? I was never a leather bag person, always had LV. I bought a Mulberry Phoebe bag last year and carried it twice because it is just has a heavy feel to me. Now my Chanel med. cambon tote feels very light to carry.

    Denim large cabas? How do you think the denim will hold up? I worry about wear on the bottom and corners? Any thoughts on this?

    Thanks for any help.:smile:
  2. hi!
    i have the large in vinyl and baby cabas.
    both are great weight, not heavy... i'm used to balenciaga, so i'll know when it's heavy ;)
  3. The baby cabas is surprisingly light.
  4. nothing is as light as balenciagas or LV canvas, of course, but the baby cabas didn't seem too heavy to me. (SA let me try it on at Nordstrom. it was on ready to ship out to some lucky girl. *tears*) nothing like chloes or MJs.
    i'm wondering how heavy the original cabas are...
  5. Which Nordstrom did you see it? Mall of America? Was this recently? I'm on the waitlist over there and I haven't heard anything. I'm so anxious about getting my bag...:nuts:
  6. I've only seen pics of the demin cabas but because it is denim I'm sure it would hold up! Its way cute and 2 Pfers have places where you can call and get it...
  7. I have the khaki Cabas and while the chain straps are thicker than the matte colors, the bag is by no means heavy at all. You may not like the thicker chain straps because they do add weight to the bag and if you carry a lot then the bag will feel heavy.

    What's heavy to me is usually dead weight to another person because I have strong arms and shoulders! My Mom finds all of my Chanel bags too heavy and won't borrow them.
  8. My new denim Coco Cabas is very light and it seems very durable...probably more than my leather. Call Joseph my SA and he will send you one.His number is 917-776-9353...Good luck girl!
  9. I think its pretty light!!
  10. it was nordstrom topanga, CA. i don't think it was from a new shipment, because it was just that one. may have been a return...? i'm not sure but either way, they were hiding it in the back, already paid and ready to ship out (or picked up) by the lucky new owner. hmph, b*tch! j/k! :p