Cabas available at NM in Beverly Hills

  1. NM in Beverly Hills got a surprise shipment of Cabas contact SA Janine @ 1 310 550 5900 X 2231. Only two left for those of you looking for this style of bag.;)
  2. And I heard that Friday will be double points!
  3. IS it double points just for that store?
  4. Did you get one? :graucho: Sorry, just being nosey! lol. I have one on the way from a different store. :yahoo:
  5. No I did not get one - sort of trying to stay on a ban....:rolleyes:

  6. Hi Regina07, do you know if this will be a double point event for all NMs or only for NM in Beverly Hills?
    TIA :smile:
  7. I called my SA today and the next NM double points is Oct 17-19 so I wonder if BH is doing something special? I would love to know.
  8. it is double points in MA ( PM me if you need my SA to presale it to you!):yes:
  9. what color is the cabas?

  10. Both are black in Beverly Hills at the NM.