Cabas and Timeless Clutch piccies :) have a peek!

  1. Hello lovelies!

    With all your help and suggestions, I've dropped the lucite earrings and Loubs for a nice Timeless clutch. In patent black. This is an addition to my Cabas order! Yayyy!

    I have had a bad time with the search for my round sunnies, it's completely sold out at NM and now my SA is trying to find them for me. I guess I have the worst luck!

    So here are the piccies from my amazing SA from NM who took them for me so I could have a look at my babies :love:

    My baby Cabas in black




    She told me the chain on my Cabas is the traditional chain. Not the MC-like chain.
    Does the new baby Cabas actually come with the traditional chain? I thought it's the new chain! Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?

    My Timeless Clutch in Patent black




    Now I can't wait to get my hands on them! Please arrive safely and perfectly, babies... You know how much I long to have you in my collection.

  2. Lovely purchases!

    I'm dying to get the black patent Timeless Clutch but since I already have it in white I'm not sure if I want two. Yours is so gorgeous though. :drool: one day...
  3. Congrats!!! When are they arriving?
  4. missisa07: thank you! i absolutely love patent black. i'm eyeing on the white caviar too but i might get it one day.... lol! oh, and i was wondering, your baby cabas has the modern chain or traditional chain? i'm just so confused!

    aurora: i'm not sure yet! i think sometime next week or the week after, depending on the customs actually. i really hope they'll arrive safe and sound soon!! let's hope together :smile:)
  5. congrats, that clutch is gorgeous :nuts:
  6. Oooh, I see you ordered from Steph too. Isn't she wonderful? I just bought a Jumbo from her and I'm getting shoes with the voucher too! We'll be getting our babies around the same time then. :yahoo:
  7. wow, loving the patent clutch, that is just stunning.

  8. yes! steph's a darling, isn't she? ooh what color jumbo did you buy? oh my god, i love jumbos but i never got one. maybe one day... :graucho:

    and i wanted to get a pair of Loubs with the voucher but i couldn't decide to love them as much as my clutch, i mean, you would have chosen a bag to shoes and costume jewelry anytime anyday right? i did! and now i'm lovin my decision :roflmfao:
  9. Yes, she's absolutely amazing!!! I've been corresponding with her thru email cos I'm halfway across the world and she replies to every question I have, she even goes thru the extra mile with pictures and all that.

    I got the black distressed caviar with bijoux chain. :love: Yes I know what you mean. I would have preferred another bag over shoes but nothing is shouting out to me at the moment and the bank account isn't looking too healthy right now. I decided to go with the shoes cos they're almost half price off, as compared to the price in Singapore. Steph is transferring the shoes I want from another store so my babies won't get shipped out till next week. It's a long journey for them....sigh...patiently waits*

    Yours should be arriving earlier right? I'm looking forward to modelling pictures!!!
  10. ^ fellow singaporean too? oh my god! *gasps and gets all excited*

    do you think we should have a tpf outing for us locals? it'd be awesome!

    yes and steph's just so amazing, we should like write an email to commend her on her service to her superior or something, as a way to repay her, doncha think? how did you get to know her btw? is this your first time ordering from the states? oh, and what shoes are you getting? i gave up my loubs for my clutch! oh my god, i'm such a bag wh*re , to think i love loubs to death.

    i've been having too many late nights staying up to talk to her. i'm just going mad and thank god it's the weekend for me to sleep in! xoxo

    (pssst.. we should PM! lol)
  11. Gorgeous, Congrats!!
  12. Both are fabulous!!
  13. they're both soo gorgeous! congrats!
  14. Love them both! Congrats.....
  15. Fabulous bags....enjoy!!!