Cabas Alto

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  1. I pulled out the Cabas Alto today to use it as a tote bag. I forgot how HUGE it is! But it's too bag it' s not made any more. Does anyone else use this monster bag, or is it just me? I hope my shoulder survives it!
  2. I was thinking about buying one, but it is BIG!
  3. i only got the mezzo ya it discontinue so sad....i hope it will come back again...
  4. I regret selling mine.
    I remember buying it, was only around $600.
    I totally miss the large capacity, and the straps were nothing like the flimsy Neverfull straps....and NO sagging bottom, as it was pure Vachetta.

    You're lucky. Don't let that one go. :crybaby:
  5. Oh ya.. that's a big one! I love every bag in that collection though.. from the Piano on up!
  6. Wow thats some big bag to carry around all day. I'm buying the cabas mezzo soon. I do wish they still made the alto its so perfect for traveling.
  7. I wish I can still buy Cabas Alto from the boutique. That will be my first LV bag if it's still available. I guess I'll have to get the Saleya GM or Cabas Mezzo instead :sad:
  8. My mom used to have it but she passed it on to my grandmother. Its HUGE and I think it was one of my all time favorites.
  9. i have the mezzo and alto. yup alto is huge! i dont use it anymore-just thinking of getting the neverfull gm.... now im not sure.
    the mezzo was my diaper bag- very sentimental for me. :smile:
  10. Recently saw the new LV ads with Angelina Jolie with her Cabas Alto. Wonder if LV will re-introduce it.
  11. ^^I've heard that they may come out with a newer version in light of her LV ad.
  12. I bought the Alto in pre-used excellent condition a couple of months IS huge - I will love using it for travel. If it was $600 when it came out in 2000, how much would it be now if they made it the exact same way? $1500?
  13. I really want this bag, especially in Damier Ebene! It's a stunner and if it gets re-released, I'm so there!
  14. That would be wise. There are so many inquiries about this bag. My chance to land this bag again, after selling it on a whim years ago!
  15. I so agree. Time to add this one back to the collection!