cabas alto or shopping sac??

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cabas alto or shopping sac?

  1. cabas alto

  2. shopping sac

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  1. so i'm in a bit of a dilemma...i want a BIG bag, and the two i'm considering seem to be hard to come by and hard to find pics of! all my searches of old threads have lead to posted pics that are now deleted. does anyone know if one is bigger than the other? and does anyone have modeling pics? i have a mezzo and while i like it, i wouldn't mind bigger....according to the measurements i found, the alto is only a couple inches wider and taller (i know everyone says the bag is huge, but its really not that much in measurements). i could use some opinions on what people like the shopping sac annoying since its so much wider at the top than the bottom? is ones handle drop longer than the other? (i prefer a longer handle drop) if anyone can help, it would be much appreciated :yes:
  2. I voted for the more classic alto. How about Neverfull GM?
  3. i know a lot of people are probably going to recommend the neverfull, but i'm just not into it. and i think the thin straps would bother me...
  4. ^^Oh, in that case, you may also want to check the Palermo GM.

  5. ....and i don't prefer the straps on the palermo its really between the shopping sac and alto! guess i'm picky...
  6. I *think* there are two different versions of the Sac Shopping tote...but I know that both are bigger than the Cabas Mezzo. In that case, I would opt for the Sac Shopping (the largest one, if you can find it...the smaller one seems more common) because you already have a mezzo...otherwise, I'd just go for the Alto if you can't find the larger Sac Shopping.
  7. Dimensions for Sac Shopping: 20 in. x 13.5 in. x 6 in.
    Dimensions for Cabas Alto: 15 in. x 22 in.

    Both are really gorgeous bags... size wise, I would suggest going for the Cabas Alto... but then there's the constant worrying about the vachetta bottom.

    I say go for the Sac Shopping. It's such a classic! Here's a modeling pic that I found on eBay:
    [Pic is from RK Fashionchic]

  8. cabas alto