Cabacity 41 Discontinued?


Jul 12, 2016
Has anyone recently seen a Cabacity 41 in Noir/Plomb or Noir/Bleu Paon (both with the swift detachable hobo instead of canvas) in stock anywhere recently?

I've basically been browsing through many stores around the world and none have it in stock.

When I was placing my SO HAC, also asked the SA about it in FSH and they said they haven't one come in for over a year but it was still on their ipads/systems which he found odd so he said it was not discontinued.

I used to have a Cabacity 45 in Noir/Bambou but it was just so large and heavy that made it impractical but I've just been itching to get the smaller one.

Would be great if anyone knows if it's still being produced or not