CA sales tax on eluxury = no lv purchases for me

  1. :s This sucks! I get all excited that elux FINALLY has free shipping as there are quite a few items I am looking at. :love: ... BUT they charge sales tax in CA so its just the same as buying in stores. :Push: Yes 3% back but still, I wish I could be estatic :nuts: :wlae: like everyone else about this! Sales tax here is 8.5% if I lived in another state.... thats a nice discount :yahoo: but since I live here, no discount for me :drool: What are the chances!!! 2 states get charged tax and I happen to live in one of them! Grrrr....
  2. That does suck. That is one of the things that is exciting about shopping on elux. Especially, now that they have the free shipping..............
  3. is this a recent trend ? i noticed Saks charges tax now too, i thought they never did before ..
  4. Personally, I'd take the 8.5% sales tax over living somewhere else. With the exception of Hawaii of course :P But yeah, I love California!
  5. Elux has always charged tax in CA. That's why for me, buying on elux doesn't make any sense. Plus CA has lots of great Vuitton boutiques and if you're buying items new there's nothing like going in and trying on bags, feeling the items in your hand, etc....

  6. Yeah... I can't complain living in Cali...I used to live in Hawaii, so no Elux for me there either...can't beat the "high' feeling get out from LV store with big shopping bags ..
  7. Ditto!
  8. Last time I bought from elux, I had the items shipped to my dad's in WA. Then the following week, I happened to be going up to visit him, and was there to meet the FedEx guy with my package at the door! No tax!

    Unfortunately that's pretty much the only way around it.
  9. Could you post the link for the 3% rebate website. I can't seem to find it- Thanks
  10. drive up to Oregon and get ride of all the sale taxes!!
  11. Wow I'ld be screaming if taxes on my handbags were only 8.5% because here in British Columbia its 14%!!!! or wait 13.5 now maybe*
  12. Yeah... i believe elux charges tax for CA and TN residents. Lucky for me, I don't live in either states.

    Do you know anyone living in a nearby state, that you might be visiting in the near future? But at least the 3% back from ****** is better than nothing.
  13. These purchases are really not "tax free" I know in Indiana, there is a line on our state income tax form where residents are suppose to report all sale tax due on purchases made from the interent, out of state, and etc. It is the tax payers responsibility to pay the sales tax via the state income tax form.
  14. Good thing I moved to Florida.