ca help me find this benetton bag pretty please?

  1. hi! i just found this benetton bag when surfing online, and i think i'm in love :p

    anyone can help me where i can purchased it online? or some store where i could buy through emails?
    i don't have this bag in benetton's on my country and neither they can help me :crybaby:

  2. Oh, my gosh! I love this bag, too! It was featured in this month's Marie Claire magazine. I found the smaller size for something like $78 or so at our Benneton store, but I wanted the one w. the shoulder strap.

  3. That's a HUGE bag !!!!
  4. yes, it's quite a huge bag :p
    i think it can be a pretty worry free travel bag :yes:

    thanks for the link maryg1