CA girls! Car sun protection?

  1. I got my new LE magenta and I just took her out for the first time today. But when I looked over at the passenger side (floor) there was alot of sun hitting her :wtf: I don't want her to fade! :crybaby: What do you girls (especially those of us who live in CA where it's usually sunny most of the year) do for sun protection in the car? I have read someone say they put their bbag in the dust bag it came in while it's in the car. Any suggestions? I want her to be my everyday bag for awhile :yes:
  2. I can usually find a non-sunny spot to pop my bag into, even in my two-seater convertible (behind the seat is my fav spot). Or I throw a sweater or whatever is handy over her :tup:
  3. I usually put my purses in front or the back seat. I have a 2005 Rouge Theater and a 2006 Ink and they both haven't faded.
  4. I normally use a sunshade while I'm at work, which doubles as a bBag sunshade (just put it over your bbag) in the passenger seat...while I'm driving :smile:
  5. I usually have a sweater or a couple of baby slings hanging out in the car...these items double as sun protectors for my bbags.
  6. I never even thought about needing to do this...I'll think twice next time I put my BBag into my passenger seat.
  7. I have a beach towel in my car. I use it as a blanket often times and a perfect shade for my Bbag sometimes. :yes:
  8. I have a quickly fading 06 lilac, so I know this problem well. For short trips I take out my phone and put my bag in the trunk. For longer ones (when I need chapstick or something else from my bag) I put it on the floor in the backseat.
  9. I think she's going in the back seat with a towel or something over her. The sun here can be so strong...
    Thanks for the ideas girls!

  10. Exactly what I do as well.
  11. i totally agree w/hmwe46 . i found out the hard way. i have an aquamarine hobo that totally faded w/me not even thinking about the sun causing the leather to fade. i move it around when i am driving so the sun won't hit it.
  12. i put it in the back seat and my car is tinted