CA Coach Girls - Did you get this?


May 8, 2007
I just received in the mail today, a Notice of Proposed Settlement, from Coach. Seems they got sued for "improperly requesting address, phone number or email address from certain customers at their stores in California." Upon the court's final approval, the card would be worth 30% off a future purchase at any full-price Coach store in California. Court decision due on Nov. 12th and cert would be good for 6 months from that date. Of course, Coact denies all claims. Full details at

Did anyone else get this? What do you think of the claim?


Jul 9, 2007
I'm pretty sure the finalizing of this is just a formality and it will be finalized on Nov. 12th - just go to that website that day or the day after and check - it should tell you then what date this will be valid on - they wouldn't have gone to the expense of sending these out early if it wasn't a done deal most likely. Also, they want to know what their potential liability will be - you have to either a)opt out completely; b)request the $25 gift card; or c) just keep the card and the 30% discount by a date in October - that way they'll have an idea of potential payout.