CA buyers, which is a better LV store to go to??

  1. Okay so this Monday I am going to go to the LV store w/my very long list of stuff I want to see:

    DH is going to watch the kiddies (brats) so I can shop ALONE......yeah! So CA buyers which do you think is a better LV store to shop at and do you have a regular SA that you can recommend to me??

    1. Beverly Center
    2. Century City
    3. Rodeo Drive
    4. Hollywood & Highland
  2. RODEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rodeo is my headquarters!!!
    The s/a's are wonderful there, its there flagship store and its fun to celebs watch there too.
    (Blonde - Lisa is fantastic!!!!)
    Chanel is right across the street and I know you would really enjoy yourself.
    Let us know where you go :smile:
  3. Out of the choices you posted, Rodeo Drive for sure..I like June..she's really sweet.
    Beverly Center is small, not my favorite and the Hollywood & Highland one is REALLY small and not all that great IMO.
  4. SoCal buyers! Hehe. I like shopping at SCP when I'm in LA.
  5. South Coast is OK, but to be honest, I've had the best luck at the Honolulu stores ;)

    What better excuse to go to Hawaii!?!? :graucho:
  6. so are you buying my plane ticket cuz I'd much rather go to Hawaii as the prices are so much lower!!
  7. South Coast. I don't like Rodeo because it's an outdoor "mall". i don't like outdoor malls. especially in this FREEEEEEEEZING weather, i rather not be outside at all!! LoL! Oh, and if you decide to go to the SCP location, ask for Sherry, my SA at that location. She's absolutely fab and she'll take care of you! Just tell her I sent ya! :smile:

    and imho, the beverly center LV is weird because of the type of mall it's in... it's like the Saks in Mission Viejo.. that mall isn't a Saks mall, and it's losing business/money because of it.. I'm sure it still makes it's goals/quotas etc, but imo, the BC mall is so.. mixed. you got teens and kids and full fledged families everywhere.. to me, it loses its' special quality of shopping in a "nice" mall. The same applies to the H&H location, but if you go to the H&H location, ask for Karen! She's my SA out there, and tell her Jimmy said hi and sent ya there cuz she's BOMBTASTIC!

    I've never been to the Century City LV, so I have no opinion on that one. :p
  8. i prefer rodeo...i've had the best experience with them..

    SCP..they have an attitude
    beverly fav SA just left according to a tPFer..and the rest of the SAs there aren't good IMO..

    however, it might be just me..

    i just love outdoor shopping
  9. I always buy from Century City, but probably Rodeo would have the most selection!
  10. Same here..unless it's a spacious mall, I tend to feel claustrophobic at an indoor mall. I love shopping in the fresh air.
  11. I like going to Century City. It's usually pretty quiet in there. The staff is nice, helpful and somewhat reserved. The security guard is usually friendly. The Rodeo Dr. store is more bustling and larger, so they may have more selection.
  12. which ever one you go to ..I know you have a great time!

  13. ??????????

    why are they cheaper in hawaii than in cali?????
  14. i have no idea why, but apparently they are! :shrugs:
  15. not sure either but for instance the pap 26 is only $575 there compared to $615 here in CA and the wapity there is $260 compared to $275 here. I really don't understand the price difference since they use USD too. Makes no sense to me!!