C7P by Chip & Pepper, anyone?

  1. Has anyone ever tried Chip & Pepper's C7P jeans that they designed for JC Penney? They actually look cute and they're CHEAP. Does anyone know how they run? When I tried on regular C&P I thought they ran pretty big...
  2. i own some and they are my FAVORITE jeans. i actually bought a size larger than i normally wear. they fit great and they are soooo comfortable!
  3. I tried them on & the overall fit was just funky. HUUUUGE gap in the back, too.
  4. Thanks for the answers! I'd forgotten all about this thread :lol:
  5. i have tried a pair on at marshalls and they do run a bit big. however they look pretty cool for $20 or so dollars. definitely worth it
  6. i saw them and i definitely was not a fan. i think they look kinda cheap.
  7. these are my HG jeans right now.
    i refuse to pay over $50 for my jeans.
    i wear them practically everyday and i'm a preschool teacher---so think, bleach, paint, boogers and lord knows what else!
    these jeans fit me perfectly!!