c4ntik2006's collections

  1. Here is a pic of my babies, tpf sure DID have a LOT things to do with my ever-growing collection.:smile:
  2. Very nice collection-
  3. love your LV Manhattan!
  4. great collection ~~ love your Theda!
  5. I love them all...need that Chanel!
  6. Love that YSL muse!
  7. I like the muse too, beautiful color!
  8. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Love your collection. particularly the LV Beverly!
  10. Here is a shot of some of my collections, the picture was taken a little over a year ago, and of course some more babies have joined the family which will be updated SOON, I need to pack up for our upcoming trip to Aspen for Thankgiving weeked, I guess I will miss the Black Friday:biggrin:..have a great Friday, everyone..
  11. its a nice vuitton and chanel collection girl :nuts:
  12. gorgeous collection!
  13. Beautiful collection! Have a great time in Aspen for Thanksgiving. When you get back, maybe you can Post pictures of your new babies. :happydance:
  14. Lovely collection!!!!!
  15. I love your Beverly!