C21 sales

  1. I was at the C21 located at 86th and 4th ave in Bklyn and there were plenty of sales in belts and neck scarves. There were Betsey Johnson $16, Theory (2 styles) $36, CK$UNDER 10, and Ralph Lauren belts and couple Juicy Couture belts. Of course it's limited styles. And I got neck scarves D&G ($16):nuts: and 2 Dior for ($21 each). There are a couple Dior scarves left before i left the store. (i also saw nina ricci, oscar de la renta) On the non-sale sections were Coach belts (~$40) and D&G belts for (~$50).:supacool:
  2. Wow! What a deal!
  3. Thats a really good deal. Im going to see if I can stop by tomorrow. I love that store.
  4. I'm in Bayridge Brooklyn also!!! Wow small world.