c21 has buy 1 get 1 free shoes

  1. brooklyn and manhattan..

    there were alot alot!! valentino, dolce gabana etc etc... to steve madden, nine west.
    :jammin: :yes:
  2. oooo. I was there on Thursday and didn't go to the shoe dept. Arrrggg! Let's see what's left on Monday. Thx for posting.
  3. its the whole bottom floor.
  4. do you need a coupon?
  5. you don't need a coupon, but you can only get the second shoe free if it has a bogo sticker on it. so both shoes need a bogo sticker.

    i got a pair of dolce and gabbana pumps and a pair of delman pumps for free.
  6. the C21 is Long Island had very little selection for the buy one get one....or maybe i just got to it too late......