C21 got in ANOTHER truckload of R&Rs today

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  1. :yes:

    I must just be hitting them on there shipment days because I got there this morning and there were 2 racks waiting to be put out.
    They had VB MADRID Crowns in Silvery Blue, Mauvey pink and white
    And VB STOCKHOLM crowns.
    All First Quality.
    This time I got a handful to put on ebay (I need to replenish my purse fund, after all) as well as 3 pairs for MEEEEE!! :jammin:

    They also had some irregulars going for $79.99

    Not sure how much will be left tomorrow. These things tend to fly out, as we all witnessed last time :smile:

    Happy Shopping!
  2. Cool, I've been thinking of trying these... Do they fit well? I've been wearing only Blue Cult, and they are a little too tapered sometimes.
  3. The Madrids have quite a wide flare.
    The cotton though, is a lot softer than Blue Cult.
  4. argh, i wish we had a c21 here =((

    by chance, did they have any 23s?
  5. did they have 23s?? Which century?? I will check the one here in jersey and i will ask my friend to check the one in manhattan!!
  6. :wtf: 23!! (skinny b*tch! :P )
    They did have 23s and 24s.
  7. Long Island
  8. Oh Alright!!!
    Did You Happen To Grab Up Any 23s Or 24s I Would Purchase Them From You And Ill Go Check The One In The City Now!!
  9. Okay Got EM!!! My friend ran down she lives a couple of blocks away from the century in NYC. She got me the ones with the crowns and some hot brown ones!!!
  10. ^ ahh lucky!!!!

    why oh why am I in CA!!!
  11. I got two pairs! Thanks! :smile:
  12. Whats the difference between VB madrid crowns and VB stockholm crowns my friend got me pink crowns thats all I know. I went to the century in Paramus yesterday and they didnt have any small sizes but they did have crowns in silvery blue.
  13. Madrid is a flare cut and Stockholm is more of a boot cut
  14. awww i'm gonna miss it!! i'm heading to nyc on the 25th =(
    and i really wanted a pair of beckhams
  15. i ran out late last night and again EARLY this morning.. brooklyn was pretty dry, but after reading i see the city was the place to be.. i'll give a pretty good report when i get back !