C"s lining up on totes

  1. has anyone else had a problem with the c's lining up on the sides of their totes? will coach replace it or are the perfect ones rare?
    i have a sig strip tote that doesn't line up and a denim tote that i sold didn't line up. i didn't really pay attention and now she wants to send it back which i have no prob with but i think she thinks i sold her a fake.
    is coach's standards dropping?
  2. yes, their standards are dropping

    yes, most of the sig stripe bags dont line up on the sides

    I'm highly annoyed with coach right now and they need to get their act together fast
  3. I just looked at mine and it's not lined up on the side either. I've had it and used it for about 3 months now so it's nothing I can do about it now.
  4. mine aren't lined up either and neither were the 20 or so that i looked at in different stores this weekend. some were REALLY awful. I agree with Court I am a little mad too.
  5. yeah, on the website, they could show a realistic bag rather than one that is perfect.
  6. That is totally unacceptable! :tdown: Every thread makes me more and more frustrated with Coach quality! :cursing: And to think I was going to order a Punch Stripe Tote over the phone if they weren't sold out! (They obviously were, but if I ordered one and it didn't line up, I'd be MAD!)
  7. I agree. I have always bought signature Coach bags. I love them. But lately it's getting really hard to find one with the C's lining up correctly.
  8. Rushing to check my signature stripe from October... BRB! :sweatdrop:
  9. One of the younger girls I know just bought one of the new signature stripe bags in Parchment and I was admiring it but then I noticed that the C's don't line up on the sides of her bag AT ALL. I know she bought hers at Macys so it's clearly something that Coach has let go as far as quality now.

    How irritating-prices go up and quality goes down. Bad form!
  10. Mine lines up...

    Hm... I wonder why their standard is going down?:sad:
  11. mine doesnt look HORRIBLE ....the c's line up but they kinda resemble O's on the sides b/c they mesh together.....I wish Coach would get their act together too b/c this is a GREAT tote!
  12. ^^Mine do the same.
  13. That's the not a defect. The "C's" do not line up at the side seams. Its like that on all the sig pieces. :sad:

    They use to not look like this - in fact, that WAS one of the ways you could tell if your bag was authentic.
  14. ok, I almost freaked out about the tote in parchment I just recently got but the C's line up. Now that I am thinking about it the store display model did not line up.
  15. That's odd. I wonder why some do and some don't.