C Ring in LV bags

  1. How is everyone using the C ring in their bags or not at all. I regret not buying the Cerises Pochette Cles when I had the chance and the regular mono and damier cles seems kind of boring. I thought about the Perfo Cles in Green, (although I am not too crazy about it), since I already own the Fuschia Perfo Compact Zippe.

    There is one Cerises Pochette Cles on sale @eBay for about $240. Is it genuine? I don't like the fact that she has kept her reviews private. Anyone made purchases from her before ? Thanks:amuse:
  2. You mean the D-ring? I don't use mine at all. I wanted the cerises pc as well, but the vernis in framboise is a nice, springy alternative!

    You should post the link to the cerises pc you are talking about so that we can help you.
  3. I don't use mine either.. and my monogram cles never sees the light of day.
  4. Me too .. I don't use mine either (both d-ring and cles):shame:
  5. i dont use mine
  6. i use the d ring to attach my pochette to it...so instead of fumbling through my speedy/popincourt, i just pull out the pochette find what i need, and toss it back in.
  7. I use the D-ring in my Papillon 30 because the bag came with a little papillon-shaped pouch to attach to the ring.

    I have the framboise vernis key & change holder, but I'm kind of afraid to use it:shame:
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